Why buy locally sourced produce?

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Locally sourced produce

At Urban Deli we are big supporters of buying locally sourced produce to use in our food. Wherever possible, we buy locally and according to what’s in season. That all sounds great, but you might be wondering what the advantages are of sourcing your food from the local area, as opposed to importing it from further afield, including from overseas? Here are some of the main reasons why we think it’s important to buy locally.

Reasons to buy local

Support your local economy

With massive supermarkets dominating the food industry, spare a thought for the local producers who are struggling to compete. Buying local supports these local businesses by cutting out the middle man and can help sustain employment in the region.

Look after the environment

Locally sourced food, by definition, comes from closer to your home. This has a huge environmental impact as the food has a much lesser distance to be transported, reducing fuel usage and pollution.

Not only this, but by supporting nearby farms you are helping to ensure that the land is put to good use. If the land is in use then it has to be maintained to a high standard which helps preserve the beauty of our countryside and increase tourism, an indirect benefit to the local economy.

Reduces packaging

Another environmental advantage of buying local produce is the significantly reduced amount of packaging needed. Because the food is not being transported as far or stored for such a long time, much less packaging is necessary to keep it protected.

Fresher food

Local, seasonal food is simply better than food which has been shipped from thousands of miles away. We’ve all tasted the difference between imported strawberries in February and British strawberries in June, so it stands to reason that local food equals tastier food.

As locally sourced food spends less time in transit, you can be guaranteed that it has been freshly picked, maybe even the day you buy it! Compare this to the 6 weeks that some imported foods can spend in storage and it’s easy to see why local food tastes better.

Put it to the test

To taste the difference of local food, why not pop down to Urban Deli and have us prepare you a freshly made sandwich? Alternatively, you can order online and get it delivered to your home or workplace in Sheffield. We look forward to seeing you soon!